NXT LVL UP - Nootropic Energizer with nooLVL - 12 x 2oz Shots

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When You Need To Get Laser Focused & Locked In... It's Time For NXT LVL UP!

  • Smooth & Sustained Energy
  • Laser-Like Focus & Mental Clarity 
  • Improved Mood & Motivation
  • Enhanced Reaction Time & Neuro Processing 


  • Focus Powered by nooLVL®
  • Energy & Mood Powered by AmaTEA® & PurCAF®
  • Antioxidant Protection Powered by Spectra™

It has been said there are 2 types of gamers and athletes: Those that win, and those that Dominate.  Which type do you strive to be? 

In the new digital and virtual world where precision accuracy, lightning fast reflexes, raw confidence and laser-sharp speed are absolutely critical, you can't afford a day of sub-par gaming. In the real world it may cost you your status, in the virtual world it will cost you your career.

Your solution?  Up your game to the Next Level with NXT LVL UP!

NXL LVL UP was scientifically formulated with multiple patented, trademarked and clinically researched ingredients in precise combinations to deliver the ultimate in energy, mood and focus for the ultimate gaming experience. Never before has such a formula been released that delvers a mind awakening energy and focus experience that must be felt to be believed!

Now it’s your time to gain an edge on the competition virtually or in life!  When there’s only one way to go the choice is simple: go to the NXT LVL UP!

4 Clinically Proven Researched Ingredients

  • nooLVL® (Arginine Silicate) 800mg
  • AmaTEA® (40mg naturally active caffeine) 180mg
  • PurCaf ® (100mg naturally active caffeine)  110mg
  • Spectra™ (Antioxidant Blend) 100mg
  • Proprietary Neurotransmitter Support Blend (NALT (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine), A-GPC (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphorylcholine), L-Theanine, B-12 (as Methylcobalamin)  425mg  
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • Total Naturally-Active Caffeine 140mg          
Important: NXT LVL UP contains NO synthetic caffeine like Caffeine Anyhydrous found in most energy drinks. NXT LVL UP uses natural caffeine from AMATEA (Organic Guayusa Extract) and PURCAF (Green Coffee Bean) which is more gentle to the body than synthetic caffeine.  This natural caffeine combination delivers 140mg of total caffeine and provides a bright mood with smooth, sustained energy with no jitters or crash.                                              

     Read the Patented & Researched Ingredient Breakdown here 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Sharp mind, clean energy

    Felt a very focused and clean energy boost, no jitters at all. Was able to go hiking in the morning, head to work and then get an additional workout in at the gym later in the day. Taste is top notch, will be ordering more.

    David Levy
    I love it . Such a huge potential here .

    The world gets better, our drinks should effect our health soon. Great team .

    Kim Brandshagen
    Email Asking for a Review for Nootrooic Energizer Shots

    Unfortunately I can not review this product because I have not received it yet. I received my NXT LVL HYDROGEN WATER but never received the Energizer Shots. I have tried to contact someone numerous times via email and website and I have not received any response back. I can not find a phone number to call. Very poor customer service!!!

    Mike G

    No jitters and pure focus. I've been looking for a nootropic formula that hits different for over a year.
    This ish allows me to click heads and stay focused without getting shaky energy from over chemical caffeine like other energy drinks.

    Robert Souza
    Very very good

    It gives u genuine energy, and absolute no crash later on :D
    Try it and be surprised