May The 4th...Be With You

LTNC Takeover Industries Launches New Gaming Division & 2oz Liquid Gamer Shot 

May 4th 2021, Las Vegas, Nevada - Takeover Industries Inc. (LTNC) (“the Company”) announced today the launch of a new division dedicated to the Esports and Gaming Community.  

With the growing worldwide popularity of Esports, with the demand from the amateur and elite gamers within the “#LTNCArmy”, it was a logical move to expand into this booming consumer segment.  

Considering the company’s ability to formulate, manufacture and distribute “cutting-edge, functional beverage products” further extends the reach into another growing market.  Recent gaming market industry statistics show:   

  • The global gaming market is set to reach $256.97 billion by 2025
  • More than 2.5 billion people worldwide play games
  • Players will spend @$4.5 billion on immersive games in 2020
  • Esports enjoys an audience of 456 million people
  • Gamers are looking for an edge to sustain focus & heightened cognitive performance 
Within this new division includes the signing of new Esports Social Director Kerby Fortner, a gaming industry veteran bringing over a decade worth of gaming knowledge and experience to the company. 

Kerby’s background includes Internet marketing, strategic partnerships, product promotion, social media management and branding. He’s worked with well recognized teams including: Paradise, TheSawSniping, SoaR Gaming and Obey Alliance.    

New Twitter Takeover Gaming Account   Kerby will manage the Takeover Twitter account “Takeover Gaming” @NXTLVL_Takeover which will be focused exclusively to the gaming industry.  

This account will cover all areas of gaming including the growing importance of brain health, energy drinks, nootropics and brain performance boosters such as the new 2oz Liquid Brain Performance Nootropic formula set for pre-launch sales later this week. 

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